Darfon: Solar Solution Systems

Darfon Electronics' Solar Division is dedicated to producing high-quality, solar power solutions. It creates efficient, dependent and user-friendly, solar-based products through its manufacturing expertise and years of experience in power and energy components. Darfon's micro-inverter and data monitoring is a scalable solution and provides a higher level of functionality and reliability.

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Energy Production & Performance

The Darfon micro-inverter features a flexible design system. This allows the ability for multiple panel orientations and future expansion options. Along with an enhanced data monitoring system that provides real-time information for each inverter/panel, the Darfon system is the ultimate plug-and-play solar product design system.

Accessibility from Mobile Devices

Accessing and monitoring data isn't limited to your desktop anymore. Darfon’s real-time information system is available on mobile devices via the company's app for Android® or iOS®. Because files, documents and records are kept through a cloud-based system, it’s easier to keep track and see the direct connection between the inverters and panels. Maximize performance and reliability by checking on each panel/inverter, making it easier to locate potential issues.